Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Philly Bike Phix #1

Fixed!  Broken bike at Locust & 16th. 

Team for Phix 1: Corrina Mehiel, Dan Reidy, Aaron Kather
June 19, 2012
Materials used:  scrap wood, dowels, screws, wood glue, insulation foam

Checked today (6/20/12)
I'm happy to report she survived the night intact!

Broken Bicycles

A survey of Philadelphia's broken bicycles.
They need to be fixed!  I will fake-fix them!
They deserve to look good before they get recycled.

bicycle #1:  23rd and Walnut (SW corner)

bicycle #2:  23rd and Delancy (west side) 

bicycle #3:  Walnut between 18th and 19th (south side)

bicycle #4:  5th street between Bainbridge and South (west side) 

bicycle #5:  Locust and 16th (SE corner)

bicycle #6:  15th and Lombard (SW corner)