Monday, April 2, 2012

MinD Dubai Contemporary

The MinD (Made in Dubai) Dubai Contemporary exhibition opened on March 14 and runs until April 14 at the DUCTAC Gallery of Light in Dubai.  Curated by Mohammed Kazem, contemporary artist and curator from Dubai, this exhibition is the first of its kind for DUCTAC.

With full support of Jospeh Fowler, Director of the Dubai community theatre and arts centre, and Colette Mol, Arts director and visionary artist running the artist-in-residence program at DUCTAC, MinD 2012 was an exhibition which allowed 10 artists from the Emirates and abroad to come together and produce a dynamic multi-media contemporary art exhibition.

I was invited to Dubai as an artist-in-residence at DUCTAC, with the understanding that my work would be exhibited alongside 9 other artists work for the third annual MinD exhibition.  My time was  spent working in the studio with Lujin Yoon from South Korea, Cristiana de Marchi, an Italian born artist and writer living in Dubai, Nelly Massera, a French artist in the Emirates for the first time, and Mohammed Kazem, assisting and directing to keep up energy and communication as we worked together to create a beautiful catalogue and exhibition.

It will take time to process and fully understand the amazing experience which was living and making artwork in Dubai.  With full support and encouragement from the entire staff at DUCTAC, along with supportive friends and collaborators in the studio, I felt fully engaged with the city and with the season of art happening around the annual events surrounding Art Dubai and the Sharjah March Meeting.  Having the privilege of meeting and knowing Emirati artists Mohammed Ahmed, Layla Juma and especially Hassan Sharif are all life changing experiences.

Additionally, none of this would have happened for me or Lujin Yoon, my classmate and co-conspirator in Dubai, without the full support of our professor at the University of the Arts, Joe Girandola.  With his continued support and belief in the importance of cross cultural understandings and the endless chances for growth through residencies, students in our MFA program will continue to have opportunities like these.

Here are some photos from the opening night of MinD

work by Corrina Mehiel
Layla Juma and Joe Girandola with his recent work

Lujin Yoon and his parents who traveled from South Korea for the exhibition

Egyptian artist Magdi Mostafa with American artist Joe Girandola

Lujin Yoon stacking cups for performance at MinD opening

MinD catalogue directors:  Curator Mohammed Kazem with designer and Shahid Aboobacker

Splash by Layla Juma

Dubai by Corrina Mehiel

Blackout by Jessica Mein

recent work by Mohammed Ahmed

recent works by Lujin Yoon

detail of recent works by Cristiana de Marchi

installation video work by Nelly Massera

detail of cups by Lujin Yoon

Mohammed Kazem and Cristiana de Marchi